Bohr Hunter Pod VS Smoant S8 Bohr Hunter Pod is Better?

Bohr Hunter Pod is Bohrvape’s first pod system kit. Today I will show you some features of it  and compare to another beautiful pod vape kit from Smoant.

1.Bohr Hunter Pod & Smoant S8’ s Battery Capacity

Bohr Hunter Pod has 360mAh battery capacity and smoant s8 has 370mAh battery capacity. Almost same battery capacity of them. They can satisfy daily vaping needs for you. 

[Image: 48e64818-db28-48d0-9b5c-da138d2e491f.png]

[Image: 7152b5fc-0c98-4674-b305-e2515c2052cd.png]

2.Bohr Hunter Pod’s Unique Alien’s Face Design

Bohr Hunter Pod is inspired from Alien’s face. With its modern and sci-fi design, Bohr Hunter Pod has unique appearance which brings you deep first impression. Smoant s8 pod is also inspired from modern sport car. But there too much vape pod looks like a car. Why do not try something special and different? 

[Image: 10169520-9b1c-42bb-bb39-bd6d7f8805a0.png]

[Image: 7c05ad07-df85-4ba5-8a37-ecc9a523025e.png]

  Bohr Hunter Pod has similar dimension with Smoant S8 pod. Bohr Hunter Pod has 89mm height, 44mm length and 12.3mm width. Smoant S8 has 86.6mm height, 48mm length and 12.8mm width. Both of them has portable size that comfortable to grip in hand and put into pocket. But Bohr Hunter Pod has more smooth streamline and exquisite details such as its LED indicator. When you inhale and put in and put out the cartridge, the LED indicator will light up and looks like Aline’s eyes. 
[Image: 80d6eaeb-8a08-42c7-bba6-6d9e1b17821e.png]

3.Bohr Hunter Pod Has Multiple Colors Option

   Bohr Hunter Pod has seven colors for optional: Black, Silver, Gold, Green, Blue, Gradient Blue, Red. Smoant S8 has Five colors for optional: Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, Navy. Bohr Hunter Pod provides you more choices. Classic colors are never old! 

[Image: 33a81ef8-9591-4fd8-a553-1be6d4f2bb56.png]

[Image: 6b2433c2-5f15-42bc-b009-76e8713161f7.png]

4.Bohr Hunter Pod VS Smoant S8

Here are some real shots for you

[Image: 16f295cd-6591-4dee-b2d4-040999f84217.png]

[Image: e6b2db37-e220-473c-864b-fca2a7c2b814.png]

   Bohr Hunter Pod:

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