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180W IJOY Shogun Univ TC Kit with Katana Tank $54.56
Shogun Univ MOD and Katana Tank from Ijoy consist the stylish IJOY Shogun Univ kit. Katana Tank together with the Shogun Univ MOD, the IJOY Shogun Univ Kit will be the best e-cig kit you ever use.
 [Image: 3gLmJRZ.jpg]
126W IJOY Shogun JR Resin TC Kit with Shogun Tank $54.27
The IJOY Shogun JR Resin MOD and the Shogun Tank consist the 126W IJOY Shogun JR Resin TC Kit. BuyBest has Rainbow, Stainless Steel, Red Tan color on sale now.
[Image: U2lYW2t.jpg]
MOUU Cliq Pod System Kit $23.57
MOUU Cliq Pod System Kit comes with 420mAh built-in battery and a 1.4ohm ceramic coil to produce an optimal flavor for you. In addition to the leakage and dustproof design, it will bring a lot of conveniences for you to go and vape anywhere and anytime.
[Image: Z2NCkNU.jpg]
THC Tauren Max Mech MOD $139
THC Tauren Max Mech MOD, with an attractive appearance, adopts high compatibility with a single 18650/21700/20700 battery. And the full contact and low voltage drop also guarantee you a strong power for your vaping.
[Image: O1G235J.jpg]
80W Eleaf iStick Rim Kit with MELO 5 Atomizer $60.97
Eleaf iStick Rim Kit comes with 3000mAh built-in battery, various in Wattage, and a large LED screen to show you the status of the Battery. It adopts the bran-new EC S/M coils to produce huge clouds and intense flavor.
[Image: i0ow24j.jpg]

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