FINO Disposable Pod—Take a Break and Vape it

One fino supports about 250-300 puffs. Combine 260mAh battery with 1.2ml e-juice, Fino will meet your daily vaping needs definitely.

Air-switch design is available. Just take it and vape it. Non-detachable structure. Five flavors are optional. No need to refill, so you dont worry about leakage problem.
Fine features 5% nicotine strength, e-juice adopts organic nicotine for caring about health.
There are five flavors are optional: white peach oolong, icy mango, mung bean, nuts&tobacco and icy mint. You will find a flavor you loved.
With Finos simple design and convenient operation, it must be great choice of disposable pod wherever you want to use it.
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[Image: 6dacf31a-7d73-4682-a3cb-ef2384c5a69d.jpg]
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