[Freemax Giveaway] Thanksgiving Giveaway 2019 – Just Spin To Win!!!

Freemaxers, good news!!! Thanks for all your support, so Freemax Vape Manufacturer brings you a big Thanksgiving giveaway vape 2019. Friends, please enter our official vape website to participate in this activity. Good luck to you all!

[Image: aENeJSm.jpg]

How to win:
1. Enter our official website, then you will find the wheel in the lower right corner of the page
2. Click the wheel, and enter your email address.
3. Lastly, spin to win Thanksgiving gifts.

You can click here directly to enter>>https://www.freemaxvape.com/Thanksgiving-Giveaway.

The prizes are below:
1st Prize: 1*Twister Kit + 1*GEMM Kit + 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat
2nd Prize: 1*M Pro + 1*Fireluke 2 + 1 pack GEMM Disposable Tank + 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat
3rd Prize: 1*M Pro + 1 pack Quintuple Mesh Coil+ 1*Key Chain + 1*FreeMax Bag + 1*FreeMax Hat

You have more chance to win:
1.Enter our Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube official page for more chances to win.
2. Share & Tag your friends to enter, more winners will be selected.

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