In Stock – Xiaomi TAKI Mini Disposable Pod Kit for $9.99

Guys, the Xiaomi Taki Kit has received extensive attention since its release. When evaluating a cigarette, the feeling of the nose is more direct than the feeling of the throat, which is neglected by many e-cigarette brands. The slogan of Xiaomi Taki is “Good smoke is smelling”, are you attracted to it and want to try it? It is now in stock on vapesourcing and has a variety of flavors to choose from. Rich in flavor, there is always one for you. The price is only $9.99, get one to let your nose and throat enjoy smoking.

[Image: xiaomi-taki-mini-disposable-e-cigarette-...mgml-8.jpg]

Main Features:
● Leakproof design
● Encryption formula
● Mouth design
● Antibacterial security
● Long-lasting life
● Always keep suction 
● Soft delicate cotton 

Where to buy:

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