Smok RPM40 VS Voopoo Vinci X | Let’s See the Differences

Smok RPM40 VS Voopoo Vinci X | Let’s See the Differences

The Bonus

[Image: smok-rpm40-kit-1-jpg.851837] 

[Image: voopoo-vinci-x-kit-1-jpg.851835] 

Without exception, both of the two companies start to making RBA coil head for their well-received devices. What’s a coincidence is the structural concept of these two RBA coils are quite similar to each other.

(Note: You can use the RPM RBA coil on Smok RPM40 and Smok Fetch Mini. And the Vinci RBA coil is also compatible with all Vinci series devices.)

Due to the unique coil construction, it’s impossible for you to prime the coils by firing or removing the hot spots. In other words, it will make the rebuild simpler and more straightforward.

Here is the process:

  1. Unscrew the top cap
  2. Install your coil
  3. Wick the coil
  4. Prime the cotton(unnecessary)
  5. Put the top cap back on
  6. Install the RBA in the pod cartridge
  7. Fill up the pod cartridge

Honestly, this kind of RBA coils is quite unique and strange. Nonetheless, it’s still glad to see more and more types of RBA coming out on the market to provide more options for us consumers. Anyway, both of them are worth trying.

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