The Latest High Performance Auto Filling TC Kit – Vsticking VKsma VS. iPV V3-mini

Recently, there a new kind of vape kit popular – the Auto Filling TC Kit, which like the combination of the Squonk Kit and Pod System Kit, but not is. Auto Filling TC Kits are both equipped with high performance YiHi chipset and produce excellent flavor, bringing wonderful vaping experience for users. Without further ados, let’s see the kits:

Latest High Performance Auto Filling TC Kit – 1.Vsticking VKsma Auto Filling Yihi Chip TC Kit – 1400mAh
The Vsticking VKsma Auto Filling Kit is the first vape device with automatical bottom filling system, which makes makes a great ease of refilling the e-juice. The Vsticking VKsma comes with two atomizers, VKsma Auto Dripping Atomizer (ADA) and VKsma Rebuildable Auto Dripping Atomizer (RADA), for your selection. The Vsticking VKsma MOD adopts AUTO MODE and DIY MODE too. You can make adjustment of the temperature and the power of the Vsticking VKsma Auto Filling Kit.

The ADA is a disposable tank whose coil cannot be replaced. The Vsticking VKsma E-liquid Tank is also available for replacement.
[Image: aZeOL2w.jpg]
Specifications of Vsticking VKsma Auto Filling Kit:
Size: 79 x 47.5 x 18.6mm
Battery Capacity: 1400mAh
Material: Zinc Alloy
Display: 0.69″ OLED
Auto Modes : 0.3QNi211 P1 (10-15W) / P2 (20-25W)
1.0QSS316 P1 (5-6W) / P2 (10-12W)
DIY Mode : 10-35J
Temperate Control Range: 180-260°C (356-500°F)
Output Voltage: 1.73V-3.5V
Charging Voltage and Current: Standard DC 5V/1A
E-liquid Container Capacity: 3ML

Features of Vsticking VKsma Auto Filling Yihi Chip TC Kit:
• Portable DIY kit with Yihi chipset
• First automatic bottom refill system
• 1400mAh Built-in battery and 2 power modes
• 3ml refillable liquid container
• Innovative coil with adjustable airflow

Latest High Performance Auto Filling TC Kit – 2.iPV V3-mini Auto Filling TC Kit with YIHI Chipset – 1400mAh
The iPV V3-mini Pod System Kit is an intelligent all-in-one automatic bottom-feeding device with an accurate temperature control system. This device is a game changer that brings a revolutionary innovation in the e-cig industry, owing an ESS driver system beside the RTA system, RDA system, and pod system. It adopts YIHI ESS (Electronic Spray Squonk) Driver Technology, which supports the auto bottom-feeding system on the basis of accurate YIHI chipset control. Powered by YiHi SX635J chipset, iPV V3-mini can support Multiple Intelligent Control Systems. It is designed for Tastes and operating experience chasers. The small size and 1400mAh battery make it easy to take anywhere and will last a whole day to use. Come and get one iPV V3-mini Pod System Kit to start wonderful vaping.

The IPV V3 Mini Elf ADA Atomizer and the IPV V3 Mini Eliquids Tank is also available for replacement.
[Image: JqPsUnf.jpg]
Specifications of iPV V3-mini Pod System Kit
Powered by YiHiSX635J Chipset
Battery Capacity: 1400mAh
liquid Container Capacity: 3.5ML/2.0ML
Resistance Atomizer 1: 0.3 ohm
Two Adjustable Wattage: P1:12-1 5W;
Resistance Atomizer 2: 1.0ohm
Two Adjustable Wattage: P1: 6- 8W;
P2: 10.5-12.5W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Temperate Control Range: 1 80-260°C (356-500°F )
Airflow Adjustable
Resistance Atomizer 1: 0.3 ohm (Ni-Mn alloy)
Resistance Atomizer 2: 1.0ohm (SS316)

Features of iPV V3-mini Pod System Kit
• Anti-Burning mechanism,No Leaking,No Spilling
• The Latest 3rd Generation of Temp.Control Technology
• Intelligent Anti-burning Protection System
• Automatic E-liquid Channel Intelligent Control System
• The E-liquid Container is separated from the heating
• core to ensure the flavor is fresh and 100% pure.

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