Top 5 Squonk Box Mods 2019, Single Mod & Squonk Kit

As a special vape device, Squonk mods can always catch people’s eyes due to its unique manufacturing structure and different vaping experience offered! This article is mainly to introduce the best sale and the top 5 squonk mods in 2019 based on the real sale situation of our store. As usual, some squonk mod are also welcome while we don’t sell. So I’m looking forward to your reply if you have your own perspectives to share with me or you can straightly comment below to let me know it. Now, Let’s get start!

NO.1 Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Box Mod

[Image: dovpo-topside-dual-squonk-box-mod.jpg?resize=700%2C425]

Just like what you get in mind, Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Box Mod is the best sale squonk mod in our store. Well, as an upgraded version, Dual battery with 200w maximum output absolutely is what we want the most. Compare to the 1st generation single battery dovpo topside squonk mod, much longer vaping time, much higher output wattage, much bigger size and  great vaping experience as always are what we can get from this dual squonk mod.
On the other hand, more color options is another advantage of this dual squonk mod. Compare to the traditional single color appearance design, Obviously the variety of colors matching meets the needs of customers and the market!


  • Dual Battery
  • 200w Maximum Output
  • Longer Using Time
  • More Colors Selections


  • Bigger Size
  • A Little Bit Heavyweight

Check it out here:…x-mod.html
NO.2 Dovpo Topside Squonk Box Mod

[Image: dovpo-topside-squonk-box-mod.jpg?resize=700%2C408]

Dovpo Topside Squonk Box Mod is released in 2018 but it’s still hot sale in most vape shops due to its innovative structure design. (Of course, Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Box Mod also features those characteristics.)  What is it? Just like its name, you can refill the juice from the top side of this mod without taking off the juice bottle inside. Compare to the traditional squonk mods, this one absolutely innovative changes the way we vaping with squonk mod and leads to a more convenient and comfortable way.
Besides, aluminum alloy body with 10ml juice bottle, 0.96 inch (2.44 cm) screen display, single 18650 battery with 90w max output, etc. You can find out it’s the most suitable choice for you!


  • Top Juice Refilling Way
  • 10ml Juice Bottle
  • 0.96 Inch Screen Display


  • Single Battery

Check it out here:…-10ml.html
NO.3 OhmBoy OC X Desire Rage Squonk Box Mod

[Image: desire-rage-squonk-box-mod.jpg?resize=700%2C416]

Frankly, I didn’t expect this mod could be so welcome in the market and sold very well cause the brand, Desire design, is not a well-known vape brands like Smok or Dovpo in the market. As a collaboration between Desire brand with Youtube reviewer Ohmboy. Desire Rage Squonk Box Mod also features some special things we can talk about! Its all-metal body with simple color design really doesn’t hit the mainstream of various colors matching but it gives us a different kind of sense of vision in some way!
Based on the feedback from social media and some other platforms, we could clearly know how welcome this squonk mod is! Exactly, it also explains why this mod becomes out of stock in so many vape shops!


  • All-Metal Body with Ergonomic Shape
  • Dual Battery with 155w Max Output


  • Uncomfortable Fire Button Position

Check it out here:…x-mod.html
NO.4 Smoant Battlestar Squonker Kit

[Image: smoant-battlestar-squonk-box-mod.jpg?resize=700%2C570]

As the one and only squonk kit in the top 5 squonk box mods, Smoant Battlestar Squonker Kit also comes with something different which is the reason we pay attention to! The pump-up refill design. Different from the traditional way, squonking to refill the juice into the topside RDA, Smoant designed another effective and efficient way to do that. Use the pump button on the top then keep pressing, you’ll see the juice comes up from the juice bottle. That’s quite interesting to try it out. But the juice you pump will not come straightly like squonking the bottle, So you need to press the button several times.
Besides, we also have some other reasons to purchase this Smoant Battlestar Squonker Kit. Dual battery with 200w max output, 0.96 inch screen display, 7ml juice bottle. What’s more, you could rejoice fast charge tech support in this squonker kit.


  • Solid Appearance Design
  • Unique Pump-Up Refilling Design
  • Fast Charge Tech Support


  • More Efforts to Pump the Juice Up
  • Uncomfortable Pump Button Design

Check it out here:…w-kit.html
NO.5 Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250C Squonk Box Mod

[Image: lost-vape-drone-dna250c-squonk-box-mod.j...=700%2C450]

Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250C Squonk Box Mod is the most traditional one in the top 5 squonk box mods in 2019. But we all know Lost Vape brand always manufactures their devices in this way. Solid structure design, stable performance, sense of heaviness. That’s our impression on the devices of Lost Vape.
This squonk mod is made of zinc alloy and SS material as usual. Powered by dual 18650 battery and the max output is 200w. 8ml juice capacity. What’s important is the internal DNA 250c chipset. And you can see every device from  Lost Vape all equipped with DNA series chip to reach the best performance. Also, that will increase the produce cost, So we all clearly know every Lost Vape device is expensive!


  • Solid Structure with Stable Performance
  • DNA 250c Chip


  • Much Bigger Size
  • Expensive

Check it out here:…d-8ml.html
Some Words In the End

Here is the top 5 squonk box mods in 2019 in our store. Without exception, everyone all gets one or two best squonk devices in their mind which are not listed above. So these statistics only based on the real sale situation of our store from 2018 to 2019. And if you have something to share with me, I’m glad to receive your message or you can just comment below to let me know it!

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