Voopoo Vinci X Kit Review – Pros and Cons and My thoughts

Voopoo Vinci X Kit Review – Pros and Cons and My thoughts

Simple Comparison

[Image: voopoo-vinci-x-kit-1.jpg]

I know all of you want to see the comparison between these three devices. So, I took this shot to let you have a quick look. Actually, it’s not appropriate to put the Vinci X into this comparison because of its higher output! Anyway, hope you find it useful.

Also, I have the individual comparison reviews. If you want to know the details, please click the link down below!

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Voopoo Vinci X VS Voopoo Vinci: What’s the Difference Between Voopoo Vinci and Voopoo Vinci X?

The Verdict

[Image: voopoo-vinci-x-kit-9.jpg]

So it’s the time to wrap up this review. Frankly, I’m so glad to see that Voopoo has done this for us. We need a higher output device, they gave us; We need a battery replaceable device, they gave us; And we need a compact and powerful device, they gave us.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to tell you the cons of this Voopoo Vinci X Kit because I’ve not found it yet. The only one con I can tell you is the leakage. As for a coil replaceable pod device, it’s difficult to solve the leaking problem. But fortunately, the situation of liquid leaking on this Voopoo Vinci X Kit is not that exactly annoying. But, I still wish Voopoo could solve this in the future.

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